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Electric Perfume is a studio and event space where interactive & immersive projects are built, playtested, curated, and exhibited with a focus on public feedback and learning. Learn more, get involved, and create or interact with cool stuff!

Electric Perfume

What's On

We're working on an installation right now but we got some cool events coming real soon so stay tuned! We are open for VR bookings which make a great gift, or fun place to party for the holidays! Check out our past events to see the type of stuff we do!!!

Have an event, project or experiment you think we'd dig? Need a studio to develop AND exhibit your work? Contact us!

We Have Virtual Reality!

Ongoing Exhibition

Curious Cabinets

Arcade Cabinets Feat. Local Developers Games!

Presented with Handeye Society and Spritebox Arcade, we have two custom arcade cabinets featuring locally created games created for two custom arcade machines!

Past Events & Workshops

So What is this Place?

For the Guest

Come with friends and share unique moments as this storefront exhibition space transforms from one atmosphere into another, cycling projects throughout the year. We aim to provide the community with access to a roster of fun and intriguing spatial and sensory experiences in the realms of gaming, art, entertainment, and learning. In addition, we work with creators and affiliated organizations to explore technology, innovation, and connect local networks through events, product demos, educational workshops, and talks by forward-thinking people.

For the Creator

We work with creators to develop mutually beneficial opportunities to make and present unique experiences for the public. One of the challenges with creating immersive experiences and developing technology-based projects is the separation between studio and exhibition space. We provide a space for creators to develop, playtest, and exhibit all in the same environment. Depending on your needs, we offer: working space, access to equipment and technical support, help with advertising and running events, playtesting demos, or talks, as well as coffee, tea, and a place to power-nap or let off steam during ‘the crunch.’

For the Event Organizer

Have an event in mind? Depending on the nature of your event, we offer our facilities, equipment, as well as assistance in planning, promotion, technical set up, and establishing the right vibe. We have have held game playtesting, jam / hack sessions, lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, musical / theatrical based performances, and we'd love to explore interesting new ideas with you! Our rates vary depending on the nature and requirements of the event so contact us with inquiries.

About The Neighbourhood

We’re located in East Toronto on the high-traffic Danforth strip at Electric Perfume, 805 Danforth Ave. Toronto, on Google Maps. Link opens in a seperate tab or window. We’re TTC accessible and near both Pape and Donlands subway stations. Additionally, we're situated close to tons of yummy and affordable places to eat or drink.

Get Involved

Can I Work With You?

Of course! We want to work with you to develop events, workshops, talks, networking opportunities, product / play testing, and experimental creative endeavors. As a storefront on the busy Danforth strip, we offer the unique opportunity to playtest projects with all kinds of everyday people outside of your industry. We encourage a monetizable and structured approach that openly involves the public in the process of creating solid and stable works.

Contact us to inquire about our studio / exhibition rental rates.

How Else Can I Help?

Join our community! Sign up to be on our Volunteer List and we’ll notify you if we need a hand for any events!

Sponsors and Donations are welcome! Tools for our studio, and games/consoles for our lounge will always be helpful.


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805 Danforth Ave.
Toronto Ontario, Canada
M4J 1L2
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