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This Month

For the tenth 2-Bit Game Club, Toronto Edition. This month's topic: Final Fantasy (1987) for the NES.

You can participate if:

Join Liam Gallagher and the 2-Bit Game Club community in a discussion about Final Fantasy for the PC.

To find a copy of Final Fantasy try your friendly retro game store or use other means. Consider picking up the NES Classic, playing on Android, or iOS. Join in the discussion about this piece of video game history and share your thoughts with us.

About Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy (FFI) is just the first of many games in a landmark series that has dominated the JRPG genre. With beautiful opening art, the enchanting prelude by Nobuo Uematsu, and a no nonsense tittle crawl that puts you right at the heart of a world of magic from word go, Final Fantasy is a game that invites you to get lost.

Fans who are familiar with the series and JRPG genre will recognize in this early entry all of the things that people still love and hate about JRPGs today. Dense and often obtuse menu driven combat, big open worlds that are empty and lifeless, and larger than life story telling with unrelatable and bizarre characters. Like it or lump it, Final Fantasy delivers hard on its promises and refuses to make any explanation for its self.

About 2-Bit Game Club

2-Bit Game Club is a community that plays games together to learn about the art and craft of game design. We pick a game once a month and then learn from it through play, then share our expereinces in the 2BGC podcast, Let's Plays. and live discussion groups. It’s like a book club for video games!


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