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This Month: 2BGC Special Fundraiser Edition

2-Bit Game Club, Toronto Edition. This month's topic: Pokémon Red & Blue (1995). A Moderated Discussion about Game Design.

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Join Liam Gallagher and the 2-Bit Game Club community in a discussion about Pokémon Red & Blue for the Game Boy.

About the Fundraiser

2-Bit Game Club needs your help! For the last 6 months we've been providing unique content that asks important questions about video games and their development. We need $ and ¢ in order to operate though. You can help!

What's in it for you: Bragging rights - Anyone who contributes to the 2-Bit Game Club coffers during the fundraiser will get Premire Backer status and the undying love of all the folks at 2-Bit Game Club.

Free content forever - 2-Bit Game Club is and has always been proudly ad free. We're not trying to sell you cars or perscription medicine, you just get smart games critcism for free. If you want to make sure that everyone who wants to learn about games has unfiltered access please give.

About Pokémon Red & Blue

Since its debut in 1993 Pokémon has become one of the world’s strongest brands with an endless flow of spin off games, toys, card and board games, feature films, television shows and so forth, but back in the early 90s Pokémon was not Pokémon yet. So how did Pokémon become what it is today, and how much of that is actually to be found in the premier titles, Pokémon Red & Blue?

Hypergame Storytime Performance - Pokémon Edition W/ Livestream

Hyper Game Story Time is a choose you own adventure musical produced by friend of 2-Bit Game Club, Andrew Shenkman. In this performance we follow the path of our young Pokémon master setting out to take the Elite Four by storm.

The performance will be live streamed here.

About 2-Bit Game Club

2-Bit Game Club is a community that plays games together to learn about the art and craft of game design. We pick a game once a month and then learn from it through play, then share our expereinces in the 2BGC podcast, Let's Plays. and live discussion groups. It’s like a book club for video games!

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