Electric Perfume

Curious Cabinets and Arcade Exhibition

Curious Cabinets Arcade Exhibition

Curious Cabinets Arcade Exhibition
Opening Reception: 1:00 – 4:00 PM

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Exhibition Hours

** More Dates and Times coming soon especially for Taste of Danforth so stay tuned!!!

Curious Cabinets Arcade Exhibition

** Descriptions Below Provided by Hand Eye Society **

We are excited to announce a new videogame arts exhibit organized by the Hand Eye Society, Electric Perfume and Spritebox Arcade with funding from the Toronto Arts Council.

Curious Cabinets is a free 1-month exhibit devoted to the exploration of video game arcade hardware and public play. A collaboration between the Hand Eye Society, Electric Perfume and SpriteBox Arcade with funding from the Toronto Arts Council, the exhibit features games created for two custom arcade machines — the One-Button Torontron and the SpriteBox. The exhibit will kick off with this all-ages launch event which will feature presentations by the game artists about their creative process, a peek inside the technical aspects of both machines, and the chance to interact and play the featured games.


More info about the games can be found here.

The Cabinets

The One-Button Torontron, like our other Torontrons, is a vintage arcade cabinet repurposed to play local contemporary indie and art games. Unlike most arcade cabinets however, the One-Button — true to its name — has only a single button, leading to more minimalist game designs that are accessible to people from diverse levels of gaming experience and physical ability.

The SpriteBox is a horizontal “cocktail” style arcade cabinet for two players seated across from each other, presenting an interesting opportunity for games that utilize face-to-face interactions. The exhibit version will feature a physical modification that transforms it from a commercialized object into an interactive installation: Instead of dropping in quarters to activate a game, the cabinet has been outfitted with a modified receptacle that is large enough to deposit a small item (which serves the same technical function as a coin). In order to play one of the installed games, players can insert a note, confession, poem, or trinket; perhaps even written comments about the games themselves.

Curation Team

Sagan Yee (Executive Director of the Hand Eye Society), Nik Stewart (SpriteBox Arcade), Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield (Electric Perfume)

About Our Collaborators

The Hand Eye Society is a Toronto not-for-profit dedicated to supporting and showcasing videogames made primarily as a form of creative expression.

We provide audience development, education, creative opportunities, mentorship, knowledge sharing and inspiration to game creators, enthusiasts, and the game-curious in Toronto.

Founded in 2009, it is the first videogame arts organization in the world.

SpriteBox is a vehicle to raise funds for a much needed Maker Space in our community. We believe multi-player interaction and creative innovation are the cornerstones of an excellent gaming experience. SpriteBox offers integrated virtual and personal interaction between players. The tabletop shared screen opens up new opportunities for game design.


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