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Digital Audio Tools For Live Performance

Digital Audio Tools For Live Performance

Learn About Performing Live Electronic Music!
7:00 – 10:00 PM
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Price $60 + HST
Register ** Registration Closes 11:59PM November 08

What You Will Learn

This workshop is designed for musicians interested in incorporating digital technology into their rig as well as performance artists who want to be able to create and control audio soundscapes on the fly regardless of previous musical experience. In addition to surveying the range of devices available to assist you, we will cover concepts like anticipating and adapting to real world sonic environments, preventing and planning for glitches and equipment failures, and discussing the often slippery line between what is “performance” and what is “just pressing the play button”.

Ultimately we will try and identify which tools are the best fit for your style of expression (and your price point) while also establishing best practices and useful strategies for incorporating these digital audio tools into your next performance.

What does “digital audio tools” mean?

Digital audio equipment ranges from consumer electronics like phones and computers to dedicated hardware like synthesizers and rack effect units that allow for the generation, manipulation and arrangement of sound. Broadly this breaks down into the techniques of sampling/triggering, synthesis, processing as well as the use of MIDI (a communication protocol that allows digital instruments to communicate) to chain different tools together.

Workshop Prerequisites

A desire or interest in using digital audio tools in your next live performance.

Hands on demonstrations with:

Additional Notes

Workshop Attendance: In the case of the workshop not meeting a minimum amount of attendees, fees will be fully refunded. Limited spaces available, so book soon!

Cancellation Policy: To ensure participant attendance, if you have registered for the workshop you must cancel your booking at least seven days before the workshop for a refund.

Payment: Registration for workshop is through Eventbrite. If you do not wish to use Eventbrite you can pay in person at the Electric Perfume storefront. Contact us in advance to arrange a time to come in. We accept credit and cash only. Payment in person must be received by the day prior to the date of the workshop.

Interested in this workshop but the timing didn't work for you? Let us know! Gauging interest in our workshops allows us to know whether we should run them again in the future!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us!

About the Instructor

Andrew Shenkman is a composer, a performance artist and a writer for television animation. He has been incorporating digital audio tools into musical performances for over a decade and half as part of various bands, ensembles and solo incarnations, most recently as Hypergame Storytime, an improvised choose-your-own adventure musical experience.


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