Electric Perfume


ANYTHING Commercial

Interactive Virtual Reality Performance
6:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Electric Perfume on Google Maps. Link opens in a seperate tab or window. 805 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Price $10 (pwyc) ** fees go to artists! **

Event Description

ANYTHING is a performance art show, created and performed by Dogson.

Join us at Electric Perfume as international performing artist Dogson steps back into VR for another evening of collaborative improvisational art. Bring your own creations for capture and 3D scanning, or make something new alongside famed Montreal-based artist Emmanuel Laflamme. Not feeling creative? Browse through a collection of loose DVDs and CDs for worthy content to submit, or just forward him a bunch of memes. Whatever we, the audience, send to dogson@electricperfume.com will become the material for this massive digital art project as we watch its construction.

In this one-of-a-kind show, the artist removes himself from our world and steps into a blank canvas virtual reality. Once inside this isolating digital prison, he patiently awaits the gift of our content, sent to him via e-mail. Upon sending, our photos, drawings, music, voices, 3D models, memes, and more appear in his world at the speed of the internet. With only these received materials, Dogson will construct a large digital art gallery, combining disparate elements to create something new and amazing

Here's the type of thing that starts to get created by the artist:



** Note audience interaction is encouraged but optional

CONTENT WARNING: Due to the open and anonymous nature of content submissions, audience discretion is advised.

About Dogson

Dogson is an obscured performance artist from the world stage, practiced in digital arts and with a focus on virtual reality and audience-driven improvisation.

About Emmanuel Laflamme

Emmanuel Laflamme has been active on the Montreal visual art scene for the past 7 years, creating clever and sometimes shocking deconstructions of popular culture in a variety of mediums.


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805 Danforth Ave.
Toronto Ontario, Canada
M4J 1L2
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