Electric Perfume

Forget Virtual Reality, Try Actual Reality

Forget Virtual Reality, Try Actual Reality

Forget Virtual Reality, Try Actual Reality
1:00PM - 4:00PM
Electric Perfume on Google Maps. Link opens in a seperate tab or window. 805 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Price $40 + HST (non-members)
$25 + HST (members)


Video game designers tend to fixate largely on creating experiences to be shown on a digital display. This workshop is aimed to get designers also thinking about the social and physical aspects of the games they create! Instructor Damian Sommer will talk about physical game rules being more like guidelines, and encourage participants towards the fuzziness of real-life rules. He'll go through the rapid paper prototyping process a few times, with some quick show, tell, and play. Then participants will be encouraged to "steal" aspects they liked the most from their own or others' games, and iterate or try something new.

Workshop Prerequisites

Basic game design understanding and strong game literacy are required. The workshop is framed around things not possible in a digital game scenario, so experience in digital game creation is preferred. This is not really meant for people with extensive board game design background.

About The Instructor

Damian Sommer is 1/4 of the Gloam Collective, currently working on Bravery Network. In a previous life he made the IGF-nominated storytelling game The Yawhg, as well as the randomly generated Chess-like, Chesh.

About Hand Eye Society

The Hand Eye Society is a Toronto not-for-profit dedicated to supporting and showcasing videogames made primarily as a form of creative expression.

We provide audience development, education, creative opportunities, mentorship, knowledge sharing and inspiration to game creators, enthusiasts, and the game-curious in Toronto.

Founded in 2009, it is the first videogame arts organization in the world.


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