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HTC-Vive Play and Development

HTC Vive: Develop, Playtest & VRCade!

Book a Vive Playsession:
Private: $40 an hour
Groups of two can split an hour
** See below for group rates
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Why the Vive is Awesome

We are excited to provide public access to immersive technological experiences where possible. More than just a headset, the HTC Vive is the only consumer Virtual Reality system that allows the user to walk throughout the space, reaching a level of immersion that surpasses other devices such as the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. We have a Vive onsite that is available for gamers, creators, and simply anyone who is curious!

Play in Virtual Reality!

Want to try VR? Or have a casual VR-oriented event with some pals? Interested in the Vive but can't invest in the full system, or don't have the space for a full setup? Simply an artist who just wants to paint away in Tilt Brush? We have a library of HTC Vive games and experiences which is continually growing, so if there are specific titles you're interested in playing, contact us to see if they're available! Please book in advance. As Electric Perfume is a multi-use venue hours availability for play sessions vary depending on other events and programming!

Groups Rates

As we only have one HTC Vive on location, for groups of 3-4 people, an additional fee of $7.50/hour per person applies. For groups of five or more inquire about hosting a private event with us!

Create with the Vive

Tired of a tiny desk in a distracting co-working space? Want to utilize the full play area the Vive offers? Need a computer fast enough to pump out those polys so no one gets sick? We've got you covered! Our play space is 15' X 15' and can be privately booked for development. We can also easily transform from a development and prototyping environment into full scale public gallery display. As a street-level storefront located on the busy and TTC accessible Danforth strip, we can work with you to facilitate playtesting sessions as well as exhibitions!

Our pricing varies depending on your specific requirements and space availability so contact us to learn more!

The HTC Vive


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