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Kitbash: Toy Art Microfestival

Weird and Wonderful Toy Art!
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Kitbash Kick-Off:
7:00 PM
Price: Free

Film Screening:
8:00 PM
Price: $8

Toy Party Day Jr:
1:00 – 4:00 PM
Price: $5 / per child

Toy Party After Dark:
7:00 – 12:00 AM
Price: $10 (19+)

Shoe Box Swap Meet:
5:00 – 9:00 PM
Price: Free


Kitbash Microfestival 01 - four days of toys, art and play.

Kitbash is a microfestival dedicated to the wonderful and weird intersections of toys and art. Designer Toys. Art Toys. Bootleg Toys. Custom Toys. Resin cast, hand scuplted, hand painted. Kitbashed, hacked, mashed up, loose, packaged - we celebrate it all with four days of events and activities!

Kitbash Kickoff

Join us for our pop up exhibition Droid Factory, where toy artists from around the world will show you their mad mashed up machines and astounding automations! With an opening reception on Thursday, November 14th - the exhibition will be open during the day (and in the evenings during festival events) until Sunday November 17th.

Film Screening

On Friday, November 15th. JOin us for a special screening of short films exploring the world of toy making, toy hacking, and (toy collecting)? Ever heard of the Barbie LIberation Organization? Or the Sucklord? If yes, come and celebrate them - if no, come and learn all about them!

Toy Party Day

Saturday, November 16th is TOY PARTY DAY! Ever wanted to make your own toy, photograph it and create your own custom packaging! Come to the toy party, where we will have oodles of toy bits and pieces for you to hack, paint and reassemble into your very own plastic work of art! If that wasn’t enough, we’ll supply you with the materials and know how to give your toy it’s own packaging as designed by you. But before you seal it away beneath a layer of thin plastic - drop by the diorama station and photograph your new creation in strange new worlds - jungles, deserts, dojos…

Toy party will be split into 2 separate events - first there’s Toy Party Jr. Saturday afternoon from 1-4 - an all ages affair aimed more at youth - bring your kids by and let them create from their wild child-like imaginations! Then it’s toy party after dark (7pm- ??) a more adult affair (19+). Come by and have a drink, immerse yourself in 270 degrees of video projections featuring vintage toy commericals - etc etc.

Shoe Box Swap Meet

Lastly join us Sunday evening for something a little more low-key - the shoe box swap meet. Are you a toy maker? A toy collector? Enthusiast or whatever? Bring by some toys to share and swap with other maker / collector types. You can bring as much or as little as you like, but it’s got to all fit within one shoebox!!! Come in with a shoebox full of stuff you don’t want - leave with a shoebox full of new stuff!!! It’s the barter system! It’s capitalism! It’s beautiful!

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