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Super Comfy Movie Time

Super Comfy Movie Time

Bring Your Own Pillow Screening
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Price: Free / Donation
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Friends! Join us for a casual screening with community pals in cyberpunk fashion! We encourage you to bring your own pillow (BYOP) and lounge around on our grassy astroturf for a casual double movie screening and social presented in TRIPLE VISION! That’s right, three giant screens, that’s a whole screen for each one of your eyes! We will have some retro games playable, multi-projection decoration, and popcorn!

Movie One: Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

See Keeanu Reeves and Dolph Lundgren in this poor adaptation of a William Gibson classic! It’s the year 2021 and Johnny has over 80GB of stolen data in his cybernetically augmented cerebral cortex, and if he can’t get it out within 48 hours the data will kill him…if Dolph Lundgren and the Yakuza don’t first.

Featuring gaming gloves, virtual reality internet, cyber rastafarians, data decrypting dolphins and Keanu jacked into the matrix before the Matrix!

Movie Two:

You decide! See Discussion section for the Poll on Facebook! Want something added to the roster? DM us!


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